We are the number one Global Marketer and Distributor of some of the most unique and revolutionary products in the field of Health and Wellness. Our therapies include Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), Vibro-Acoustic Therapy (VIBRO) and Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT). We have partnered with leading experts in these fields. We are committed to creating awareness about the life altering impact of these therapies. We are breaking down barriers and creating access previously unknown to healthcare providers and the organizations they run.


We are committed to educating and bringing awareness about these products and their benefits to the masses. We partner with world-renowned experts and organizations that are at the forefront of these exciting products and therapies. We seek out practitionersentrepreneurs, and individuals committed to elevating their health and the people they care for. We connect our therapies with like-minded partners and provide the support they need to create winning solutions for themselves and their loved ones. 


Our modern lifestyle is full of exposure to all kinds of pollutants and toxins; our schedules are so busy that often we make poor eating choices and it affects our health. We spend our days indoors, away from the benefits of the sun and the earth's naturally occurring electromagnetic fields. We don’t exercise. The state of health in our country is declining, and conventional medicine often does not have adequate solutions. We spend more money per capita on healthcare than nearly every nation on earth, but rank poorly when compared. At Eleve Health we are passionate about bridging this gap between dollars spent and successful long-term outcomes by providing technologies and services that naturally boost the body’s energy production, and enhance the body’s own ability to heal itself.



The use and benefit of our solutions is backed by years of science and independent studies. These groundbreaking therapies are proven to promote healing, providing lasting results.


In a medical setting, holistic refers to addressing the whole person, including their physical, mental, and emotional health. The body is the ultimate healer, and our solutions turbocharge the natural healing process.


Our Medical Director, Dr Zayd Ratansi has over 20 years of research and clinical experience with these alternative therapies. His therapy protocols have produced outstanding results for his patients.


Carotid Testing

Carotid Testing is a painless, harmless test that uses ultrasound technology to see the interior of your arteries.


HBOT Therapy

HBOT delivers oxygen to the body in a pressurized chamber, allowing to repair, regenerate, and recover like never before.


PEMF Therapy

PEMF therapy can reconnect us and benefit from the earth’s naturally occurring pulsed electromagnetic fields indoors.


LLLT Therapy

LED Light Therapy is a process by which energy is delivered to various parts of the body via the therapeutic benefits of light.




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