Atherosclerosis is a chronic disease that creates impaired arterial blood flow, and is a leading cause of death in America. It develops slowly and there are often no symptoms until the plaque ruptures or the buildup is so severe to block blood flow.  Because of this, the disease is known as “the silent killer”

If the blockage prevents blood reaching the brain, then the first sign of the condition may be a stroke.  During a stroke your brain is deprived of oxygen, so within minutes, brain cells begin to die.  Stroke is the 5th leading cause of death and the leading cause of permanent disability in the U.S.

If the condition blocks blood supply to the heart, then the first sign of the condition may be a heart attack.  Heart attacks are the leading cause of death for both men and women in America. Every 40 seconds someone in the United States has a heart attack. 

You owe it to yourself to get screened starting at age 40, because you don’t know what you don’t know.


Carotid arteries are important arteries that deliver blood to the brain and head.  Carotid Testing is a quick and non-invasive test for diagnosing Carotid Artery Disease (CAD). It's a painless, harmless test that uses ultrasound technology to create images of the insides of your carotid arteries. This test can show whether plaque has narrowed your carotid arteries and how narrow they are.   

If blockages are seen the patient can have the advantage of early detection and an opportunity to make favorable lifestyle changes. Carotid Artery Testing indicates specifically what going on with the arteries in your neck, but it can also be a warning for arterial health in other areas of the body.

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