We have become indoor creatures. We wear shoes with rubber soles that insulate us from the earth. We work in high-rise buildings. We have lost this important electromagnetic connection to the earth. PEMF therapy can reconnect us to this important basic component of life. Our PEMF system holds the most significant patents available with this technology. This Germany-based technology has been available for over 30 years, but it is just now catching the worlds attention, and with the advent of 5G technology its time has come. Our patented process of turning on the ion pump mechanism of cells mimic the energy found in very young children. When cells are highly charged, they resist disease and illness. With the ability to energize and improve cellular communication our PEMF system may be the most flexible tool in medicine today.


Our Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) system is therapy administered by simply laying on a therapeutic table or mat that is designed to emit pulsing electromagnetic fields. Our bodies are designed to need and benefit from these pulsing fields that the earth naturally emits. A session usually lasts anywhere from 8 to 24 minutes and is adjustable to trigger a range of cellular benefit from stimulation to relaxation. Our PEMF supports direct communication between the body and its cells, a phenomenon known as “The Cellular Unlocking Principle” creating an incredible cascade of cellular benefits. Cellular waste removal including heavy metals is turned on along with nutrient uptake into the cells. Our PEMF therapy also eliminates dirty EMF (electro-smog) that is caused by the social saturation of cellular and internet frequencies. This “electro-smog” causes havoc with cellular communication resulting in decreased blood flow, and a lack of energy because of low cell voltage. The improved cellular communication results in bigger and stronger mitochondria which are known as the “powerhouses of the cell”.


PEMF and Vibro-Acoustic

Combines PEMF with Vibro-Acoustic Technology: Vibro-acoustic, electro-magnetic, infra-red therapies (VEMI). Grounds the energy and has EMF Radiation clearing. 

Stimulates endorphins and enhances a natural, relaxed state of the body and mind

Low-intensity, high frequency vibrations emitted: as the bones begin to resonate, muscles and ligaments surrounding the bones begin to relax. Stress is reduced, and flexibility, as well as range of motion, improves. 

Full Body Therapy System

Made in Germany

Includes a full body applicator mat, small applicator cushion, controller, and a carry case

Mat targets full body treatment; Pillow is for local treatment of the body

Easy-to-read display for program, intensity, and time indication

Timer function with adjusted treatment duration from 1 to 60 minutes

Memory function to repeat last treatment

Safe for home use and has no side effects; easy to set up system

2 year manufacturer warranty

PEMF Eye Glasses

Made in Germany

Targets dark circles under the eye & reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Produces magnetic field stimulation for the tissue and muscle around the eyes and forehead area

Note: treat points in the head area only at low settings and at night

2 year manufacturer warranty

PEMF Pen Applicator

Made in Germany

Designed to target specific areas such as eyes, ears, and meridian points in the body

Best for small joints and localized pain points

Generates a sizable magnetic field from its point source, with highest field intensity at pen’s tip

Note: treat points in the head area only at low settings and at night

PEMF Headphones

Made in Germany

Stimulates arterial circulation in the ear

Indicated for aiding in the relief of ear conditions

Produces magnetic field stimulation for the tissue and muscle around the ear canal

Note: treat points in the head area only at low settings and at night

2 year manufacturer warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Most users experience one of 2 different states depending on the settings used. On the “relax” or “basis” setting a calming and rested feeling is common. On the “vital” setting an invigorated or energized feeling is typical. Some users experience an abdominal tingling, while others report an overall warming which is actually due to an increase in blood flow.

Yes, it is very safe, and since this technology was established over 30 years ago, PEMF therapy has a strong safety record. Also consider that these electromagnetic fields are the same that the earth emits naturally. The controller is also properly insulated and grounded and sits away from the therapy surface.

Although this described practice of “grounding” is considered beneficial, a session with our PEMF system can do much more because you can target the system to achieve specific goals in a much more concentrated fashion. In addition, unique frequencies, intensities and duration can be dialed in and duplicated for consistency of therapy and reliable results.

Yes. The basic system comes with a full body mat and a smaller mat or “pillow”. The controller works seamlessly with both. If the user has an acute or chronic injury the pillow would be perfect for targeting. If the user wants an overall benefit the full body mat with a setting on relaxation, stimulation, or healing can be achieved.



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